Nathan Brammeier, MS

Owner, &

“When I met Lorene when she worked for a healthcare organization as a Health Educator, it was obvious that she would not last long in that position.  She was meant for greater things.  It has been my experience that when people follow their passion, they will always be successful.  Lorene is no exception.  When she wants something, she definitely goes after it.  She is an exceptional person to work with and there is no doubt in my mind that we will continue to collaborate and provide excellent wellness-based programs.  Lorene has an innovative, creative mind and, in my opinion most importantly, a good heart and powerful spirit.”

Cecille Guarino, NP

Nurse Practitioner, Women’s Health Care

“It was the first Zumba class Lorene invited me to that had me hooked.  Hooked on the fun dance moves and uplifting music, but also to her charisma, energy and vision.  She spoke of making a change and teaching people to empower their lives to be healthy and have fun doing it.  From this idea, Lorene started a pre/post natal fitness and movement class with my Centering Prenatal Care Group.  We watched the classes grow from a few ladies to their whole families; children included, coming to dance and exercise to great music and learn relaxation techniques they could practice at home.  As a result, the women involved made new friends, and built support systems and community outside of the fitness class.  Health benefits included preventing gestational diabetes, maintaining a stable weight and preventing risks during labor.  Lorene is such an inspiration and her warmth and openness attracts so many to embrace her teaching and ideas.  It has truly been a pleasure to know and work with her!”

Lisa Michelle Dippo, MA

Teacher & Resource Education Specialist,

“I will forever be grateful to Lorene Clark Lacayo.  Without her fitness instruction and encouragement, I would not have been able to step forward into my now ongoing fitness regime.  Her passion for people and how she cares for their physical and mental health can be felt by all who come into contact with her.  Lorene continues to work hard to make sure that the vision she has for the betterment of others will come to fruition.  I feel privileged to have had many different opportunities to walk along side of her as she participates in her passions and as she embarks on this great OLA Movement.  This world is in need of more people like Lorene.”

Ali Cortez

Business Owner & Jewelry Designer,

“I feel deeply grateful to have had the chance to meet beautiful Lorene, and participate in her Zumba class with a holistic flavor.  Her infectious enthusiasm and talented dance instruction makes the experience fun, challenging and transformational.  I’d highly recommend letting her lead you on your fitness journey.”

Kathleen Belzer, CNM, NP, MSN

Certified Nurse Midwife, East Bay Perinatal,

“The skills Lorene possesses cannot be taught but they come very naturally to her.  One of the reasons for this is that she truly cares for the clients she is engaged with.  She has a remarkable way of connecting with women and establishing trust.”

Rhea Elina Laughlin, MPH

Community Engagement Program Officer, First 5 Contra Costa,

“While Lorene came highly recommended with an outstanding reputation, working with her proved to be an even more positive experience than we had expected.  Lorene possesses an extraordinary dedication, passion, and enthusiasm for community health.  Lorene created a fitness dance curriculum grounded in holistic health.  Class participants rave about Lorene’s unique talent for motivating and working with children.  Lorene is a highly competent, dedicated, and skilled health professional.  She is invaluable to the field of community health.”

Maura Corcoran, MS

Lecturer, Chemisty,; Adjunct Faculty,

“A true practitioner of healing is one who knows her own soul intimately and sees the interconnectedness of life. I can speak to authenticity of Lorene’s embodied presence and intuitive wisdom. She listens so intently and compassionately, tapping into her own grounded center of creativity and insight to lend guidance or simply to reaffirm. She has boundless commitment, passion and enthusiasm to make lives healthier and to build a supportive community for the sacred feminine. I playfully call her my goddess, but deeply, there is truth to that!”

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