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The OLA Movement Manifesto

Connect and Move More. Transform and Roar. Change the World and Soar.

Empowering Women to Make Healthy Waves of Change Around the Globe

  • When we move, we feel good.  When we feel good, we make more healthy choices
  • We crave to be more in our bodies, less in our heads.
  • We are fierce, compassionate, loving, and bold advocates of health, both our own and others.  We desire to live life embodied, empowered, confident, free, vibrant, soul-full.
  • We are a tribe of change agents, the “world-savers” who take care of others – but you can’t truly help others if you aren’t helping yourself.  Yes.
  • We live for purpose not for profit.  It’s not me, I, or you…its WE.  We unite to stand for what’s in our hearts.  Our goal is gratitude.
  • We do what we do because it fuels us in mind, body, and SOUL.
  • Our communities are barely surviving let alone thriving.  We believe that walking the talk is the only way to make lasting changes.  People need to FEEL and EXPERIENCE health and wellness in order to want it.
  • When women connect, move, and feel good as a collective tribe, this wave of power initiates and sends ripples of health to all those around them.
  • We are women.  Hear us roar.  Wonder women.  Watch us soar.
  • And we roar even louder and soar even higher when we gather together and move our bodies.  This is the secret behind our power to heal, be healers, and be healthy.  Movement is life, energy, and the source of our power.
  • We drink aqua green smoothies of passion and fill our tanks with tropical blue gas from deep within the soul.
  • We are learning to surf the waves of life while riding horses of unbridled freedom.
  • We become like those we are around and want to be around those who want to move towards health, not away from it.
  • We shatter barriers so that women can and will gather to move, laugh, and encourage each other to then become a force of organic health.
  • We fight to remind women of their inner bodily wisdom.  We must move to remember.  We must move to awaken health within ourselves.
  • We crave balance between all that we do with WHO WE ARE.
  • Stress is related to 99% of all illness and at times we may have felt too exhausted to MOVE or DO anything about it.  Not anymore.
  • We are moving, a movement is happening.

Biz Consulting & Soul-Sista Tribe of Goddesses

I am beyond grateful to have had the friendship, support, and encouragement of these empowered and embodied women while working towards doing what I love and making a difference in the world (cause it takes a village complete with its ‘Red Tent’!).  They continue to be a source of inspiration, motivation, and truly believe in my vision.  This is my ‘shout out’ to who they are, as individuals, and how we connect, collaborate, and inspire each other from the inside out.  I truly believe in each of them and their earth-rattling work! – Lorene Clark Lacayo, OLA Founder


Michelle Young Long, MA

Owner & Founder,

“Lorene is a breath of fresh air. She brings a touch of magic, fun, and authenticity to everything she does. She has a way of bringing depth to a conversation while keeping things light-hearted and real. She has an intuition and sense for how to create community and bring healing to healers and clients. She bridges meaning, heart, and fun in the most compassionate way. Rub shoulders with this woman because she has spark that is contagious.”

Andrea Shillington

Owner & Founder,

“Lorene is the real deal. She’s a rare breed of authentic wisdom and heartfelt entrepreneurship.”


Natasha Lee

Owner & Founder,

“From the second I met Lorene I just knew she was a jem. She is open and authentic, with a huge heart and burning desire to contribute. I am honored to call her one of my soul sisters and blessed to have her as a part of my community. Just by being herself, and sharing her gift she create ripples of change in communities. Amazing.”


Deann Clark

Co-Owner & Creative Strategist,

 “I have known few people with the level of single-focus dedication and long-term vision as Lorene. OLA is truly the work of her soul that started almost 20 years ago and took many frustrating, hope robbing turns. Lorene has the power of presence to begin the work of OLA and take it to many women (people?) across cultures and countries.”


Lisa Chakmak

Farm-based Programs Manager,

“I have witnessed Lorene’s ability to work with women, mothers, teens, and children from diverse backgrounds, effectively and with grace, building trust in challenging times and situations. She is an incredible support on all levels of professional needs, as wells as a creative motivator with intuitive leadership abilities who is committed to her work with a fierce passion. Her willingness to jump right in, doing whatever is takes to get the job done with thoughtfulness and a positive attitude is priceless.”

Summer Peters


“Lorene is a ray of light to anyone seeking a powerful health and wellness boost. Since Lorene has come into my life I have seen an incredible vitality added to all my relationships – personal, romantic, family and business.  She is an original thinker and a true leader of courage of inspiration.”


Anja Lindblad, ND

Medical Director/Naturopathic Doctor,

“While her commitment and dedication to the women in her life has been unwavering since I met her, I am now fascinated by the mission and drive I see emerging from her around OLA Movement.  As a healthcare provider, I could not agree more with her goals of uniting women around the purpose of infusing our lives with more movement and therefore expression of our selves.  As a woman, I have seen the power of the combination of the mind with the body and it is awe-some.
Watching the unfolding of Lorene’s mission, vision and passion is inspiring and I am thrilled to be part of her tribe!”


Daruni Gotel

Designer,; Founder & Inventor,

“There is nothing this amazing, talented & focused woman can’t do with her fast thinking, bright minded ideas & quick-witted tongue!  With her big heart & super-sharp conscious awareness, Lorene has the unique ability to deliver a product with an all encompassing & holistic authenticity that speaks for itself.


Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher. – Oprah Winfrey