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The Top 3 Reasons Purpose-Driven Group Fitness Makes “Cents”

Even though I have created and implemented years worth of unique community-driven group fitness programs packing the room each time, along with having coached hundreds, maybe thousands, of clients around wellness and whole health, I still find myself sometimes getting caught up in worry or fear around money.

You know, making enough money to do the work you love?!

Sound familiar?!

And I hear it all the time with aspiring or current pros in the fitness-wellness world – they are passionate about promoting health and motivating movement in their communities, but are held back or even disheartened by the concern of making enough money.

There has been a good handful of fitness-wellness work where I gave WAY more energy/time/heart than was worth what I got in return, either financially or energetically, but there has also been A LOT of the work where I gave HEART and SOUL, made top dollar, and was rewarded with feeling good about making a difference in the world.

What made the difference?

Reframing my business mindset from either “not-for-profit” or “for-profit” to something I believe is totally revolutionary…

There is a new paradigm of conscious business, something that is being referred to as a “for-purpose” based approach to doing business (Braun, A., 2014).  In fact, if you look around, there are more and more businesses who are intentionally integrating ways to give back or pay forward the services, product, or income generated from their business.

Now, having been on the path to start a non-profit organization for years before launching my purpose-driven business, OLA Movement, I have become sort of obsessed with this notion of “for-purpose and for-profit” business. Consequently, this for-purpose perspective of business is also a key component of the OLA model I have developed for group fitness.

The reason for this is that I think purpose-driven business approaches are essential to those heart-driven and socially conscious fitness-wellness pros both passionate about their work and making an impact in the world.

Here are a few reasons why Purpose-Driven Fitness Just Makes Sense AND Earns ‘Cents’:

1) Gifting economy of business suggests that Giving = Profit.

Consumers and investors want to back businesses with social good in mind, and there is no reason why a fitness-based business should be exempt from this.  In an interview by Forbes magazine, the Founder of Pencils of Promise, Adam Braun said, “What I believe you’ll see is that “for-purpose” companies are those that are succeeding in making money and solving social issues”. When you give away a portion of your services, time, products, or income in a mindful way and clearly communicate that to the consumer, they are more likely to want to “buy” from you and support your work with their dollars.

. . . . . . . . .

2) New paradigm of transformational fitness stems from Heart and Soul.

Look around at some of the fitness trends that are increasing in popularity – SOUL Cycle, Crossfit, Yoga To The People, and November Project (just to name a few) – and they have some things in common…they are creating and supporting deeper connections between individuals within the container of “fitness”.   Inserting the ‘heart and soul workouts’ into the physical exercise has the potential to begin to unlock greater health and transformation in our fitness communities.  Beginning to find intentional ways to link offerings to underserved groups, offer scholarship class passes, or sponsor free community fitness classes, allows in some heart and soul while increasing access to heart-driven fitness classes within a “for-purpose” business framework and will increase revenue.

. . . . . . . . . .

3) Magic of Feeling good by Doing social good generates positive energy and profit.


It FEELS good to make a difference and give to others, thus generating more happiness, joy, and greater health in you.  In turn, not only will your generosity and philanthropy model to your clients and fitness participants, but your feeling good will attract more participants into your classes and physical activity groups. Like a bright light that people are drawn to, your offerings will stand apart from the so many other group fitness opportunities as something with more meaning and heart.  Feeling good by doing social good then begins to attract in the many people who are craving true holistic health transformation and desiring to be part of something bigger than just a fad group fitness class.

. . . . . . . . .

I truly believe that having social purpose integrated into your profit-based fitness business model not only MAKES SENSE from an embodied and heart-driven perspective, but has the potential to generate MORE ‘CENTS’ from doing the work you love while making a difference in the world.


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