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Deeper Soul-a inside the Brave Brazilian Pants

I am currently spending some time in Maui, and of all things, I have began to have some really deep thoughts about these stylish hot “fitness” pants that are popping up everywhere!  I know, I know, you are thinking, “Really, Lorene?!  You are going to write about this trendy phenomenon of wild fitness pants?!”  Well, not exactly…

But I am going to expand upon this phenomenon of “hot fitness pants” and the deeper soul behind them…er, uh, rather, inside them (wink wink!)?!

I would like to share with you what I love about this new trend and how it connects to my mission to revolutionize health through creating ripples and waves of wellness through movement and fitness!  Oh yeah, I am going to go there…!

These pants have caught on like wildfire in the fashion world for ALL sorts of physical activity purposes.  One store was marketing them to me as SUP (Paddleboard) pants, another as yoga pants, and another as the hottest style of “surf” pants.  Even saw an ad that showed them to be “workout pants by day, tights with heels by night”.  Wow.

Now, a little backstory on my connection to these pants.  My daughter and I were each gifted a pair in the spring to which she quickly deemed hers to be dance and gymnastics pants.  However, they quickly evolved into her “everything” pants, swimming, surfing, dancing, even sleeping in them because they FELT SO GOOD!  Not to mention all the comments and attention she (and I) were getting whenever we wore them (bonus!).

I began to notice that women everywhere seemed to be drawn to these loud multi-purpose pants that essentially scream “fun, good-feelin inspiration to MOVE your body” in some way, shape, or form.

Speaking of way, shape, or form…best thing about these pants is that they are uber stretchy and forgiving for women of all shapes and forms.  This may be my favorite part of these loud, multi-patterned “magical movement” pants, actually.

Yes, I may have just deemed them “magical movement” pants (smile).

Our choice “hot fitness pants” are made in Brazil of this fantastic fabric similar to your most favorite bathing suit of all time because it is cozy against your skin and dries quickly.  But that is not the most important point I want to make.  Brazil is often known to be one of the few places in the world where women’s bodies are being celebrated in all shapes and forms.  I mean, let’s think about the beaches of Brazil and their tiny bottom bikinis, Carnaval, etc., it is a culture where in many ways women are encouraged to move, dance, be, whatever, and FEEL GOOD in their bodies.  All size inclusive!

When I think of Brazil, I don’t think of thick material, black, compression tight yoga fitness pants (similar to Spanks) that have become the “norm” in the U.S.  I don’t know about you, but I can imagine why this trend stems from Brazil in the first place, because perhaps women were bored with the alternate options?

Perhaps it is because they want to sweat, shake, swim, move, in whatever shape or form they so desire, and simultaneously ROCK their pants because they are friggin enjoying moving IN THEIR BODIES and IN THEIR PANTS?!!  A no size exclusive fitness fashion with a good sprinkle of fun tossed in.  Awwwe yeah.

So this is where the deep thoughts come in.

These pants in essence are a literal embodiment of an aspect behind the mission of  OLA Movement.

Oh yeah.  Like almost a literal representation of my desire for women, and men, around the globe.

To feel friggin good in their bodies, hence desiring to move their bodies more, because (watch out! catch 22…) they feel better in their bodies the more they move their bodies!  It is like crazy rocket science deep I know!

So some multi-colored, wild-patterned, uber comfortable pants with the feel of a “skin” made in a place whose culture celebrates healthy joyous movement INSTEAD of the adorning of some “safe” black Spanks-like compression yoga-fitness pants made by some huge corporation whose factory is in China and is essentially designed to be the modern version of a corset for physical activity, are precisely what our world of fitness and movement needs.  Not as a trend, but as the “new” normal.

Because what these pants represent is unlimited possibility for women, no matter their shape or size, to express to themselves and the world that what is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE is feeling good and having fun when they participate in movement, fitness, and physical activity.  Nothing is going to stop us from moving and feeling good, especially not because we don’t fit the mold of a model.

These pants are made for everyone being active doing everything!

The one rule is a commitment to feeling good and having fun.  I think that may even be written in small print somewhere on the label.

I am done with people feeling limited to participate in a fitness class or movement group because they are “out of shape and/or overweight”.  Instead, we need to be symbolically creating a space where people of all “way, shape, or form” feel comfortable and even celebrated for making the decision that day to get up, move, connect, and be open to the possibility of transformation. Movement with others has the potential to do just that.

But not if feeling limited by the requirements and expectations of the black compression yoga pants…

Step into the deeper statement behind the hot fitness pants, embody a taste of Brazilian flavor, and commit to all they represent when you MOVE demanding to ‘friggin feel good when you do’ no matter what!

with the utmost amor, aloha, & gratitude,

ps- Feeling so compelled by these pants in alignment with OLA Movement’s purpose, we have partnered with a conscious business who is now importing them from Brazil.  You can see them here at OLA Movement Products.  Not only are these hands-down my faves on the market (and I have seen/touched/examined/wore A LOT of versions here in Maui!), we also only choose to promote a company who is in alignment with our for-purpose business model.  Kast Fitness Wear is absolutely such a company and I am excited to introduce them to you!  Click here Purpose-Full Products.


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