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Happy Birth-day Exercise to….me?!!!!
Happy Birth-day Exercise to….you?!!!

Last weekend I had the privilege of spending a day with one of my dearest soul sisters to celebrate our shared birthday on June 19. During our epic and first ever truly solo day together (sans kids and significant others even!), we ventured out on a hike to a new place on new trails.

We started talking about growing a year older, raising kids, and what we have observed in our own mothers health…and how important it is to JUST KEEP MOVING for health and wellness.



And don’t stop.

As we hiked up this steep trail to the 2nd highest peak after Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County, we found ourselves almost to the top (unbeknown to us) and wondering if it was worth continuing on. As we stalled in the shade, three women came down the trail and not only informed us of how close we were to this beautiful peak and 360 degree view, but began encouraging and cheering us on to KEEP CALM and KEEP MOVING!

Now they didn’t exactly say those words, but you get the gist!

We pressed on…and…the view was so worth it!

One thing that dawned on us, while hiking up this peak, and also about life in general:

If you stop moving, then movement may get more difficult.
Soooo….the key is to never stop moving.

Hiking back down the mountain trail, we then talked about the movement of life, reflecting upon where we have come from and where we are going. For years, I have seen my birthday as my own personal new year, easily placed in the middle of the year and just before the summer solstice, it has really served my own growth and movement to take stock of past, present, and future.

A sort of Birthday Exercise for the soul perhaps?!


Mindfully and intentionally bringing in my personal new year such that it sets the stage and tone for all that I vision, desire, and hope in the next year of life…

Am I also aging and growing older?! I guess so….perhaps…. ; )

So…keep calm and keep moving.

Move – closer to love.
Move – my hips more.
Move – towards food that fuels my optimal health.
Move – away from toxic negative people.
Move – into nature and soak it up.
Move – with fitness groups and with the waves of life.
Move – and laugh.
Move – stretch, and breathe.
Move – more.
Move – often.
Move – transform, connect, revolutionize.

This is my personal new year-birthday movement declaration…ahhhh, it has been declared.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

May you also be inspired to move SOMEHOW, MORE, or OFTEN and bring in the next half of the year and Summer Solstice with a renewed commitment to movement!



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