Wave Starter Sessions


OLA Movement Wave Starter Sessions

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

11am-1pm PST: Tele-workshop


An Innovative, Holistic Fitness Training, Networking, & Mastermind Event

The Wave starter session is an intensive co-creative workshop and learning event
specifically designed for purpose-driven, big-hearted fitness, health, and human service professionals
who want to make money and make a difference in the world.


Join the Movement!

Change The Body of Health In Our communities

Over the past few years, OLA Movement founder, Lorene Clark Lacayo, has achieved a graduate level education while creating, developing, and implementing movement-based fitness classes and very successful (filling class sessions with 50-100 participants). After being asked numerous times to do more classes and programs than she could possibly handle due to their popularity, she decided that she wanted to not only pass along her experience and knowledge, but create an opportunity for the OLA model to continue to evolve.

OLA Movement’s Wave Starter Sessions are Lorene’s dream to give what she has learned to other wellness advocates who want to change the world, as well as connect professionals from different industries with each other to create groundbreaking approaches to fitness and health. Lorene’s dream is to offer a space that brings together the right groups of individuals to learn and co-create while igniting an out-of-the-box wave of health and movement to take place.

An Event Specially Created For
Wellness Advocates & Fitness Driven Changemakers

This event isn’t for everyone – in fact, our events are ONLY for a small handful of unique individuals
Please apply ONLY if you meet the following qualifications:

You are an ASPIRING or CURRENT fitness instructor
You are Purpose-Driven; are already making the world a better place or have the desire to do so
You want to grow your revenues and social impact
You desire to inspire others to move more, connect, and transform
You want your fitness class to be MORE than JUST a fitness class
You want to increase your confidence in your abilities and impact as a health and fitness instructor
You believe that giving is more important that receiving and you are willing to share your best ideas and strategies with the group
You want to be part of like-minded tribe where wellness meets fitness to create a revolution

Learn How to Become a Fitness Class Tribe-Builder
How to Grow your Biz with Word of Mouth Buzz

The training on the OLA model you receive will not only increase BOTH participation and return clients in your fitness and movement classes, ON TOP of the incredible connections you will make with other local, like-minded professionals passionate about movement and sharing health with others, but will ALSO elevate your fitness groups to different levels.

If you are serious about building and extending your impact upon the health of your local community, then OLA Movement’s Wave Starter Session is great opportunity for you to connect with brilliant and giving wellness advocates and changemakers making the world a better place.

What You Will Get

The purpose of this event is to create exponential positive social change
by providing Changemakers with a platform to:

Gift forward and share their best ideas, strategies, and wisdom with each other

Facilitate meaningful connections and new relationships between successful fitness pros and those with access and opportunity to reach underserved groups

Be part of creating the base for the OLA tribe while learning about the OLA philosophy and approach to group fitness

Help them fill their classes and make MORE MONEY and IMPACT MORE the health and lives of MORE PEOPLE.

Do you want to get up, MOVE, and be part of the movement?

Do you want to join us?

Date: Saturday, January 24, 2015

11am-1pm PST

Location:  Tele-workshop (Internet or Phone access required)

Tuition $27

(Special New Year Pricing)

*limited scholarship seats also available


Because these particular sessions are the premier co-creative learning events, the rates have been significantly reduced.

*There are a limited number of scholarship seats available upon request.

Registration will be open only for a limited time and admission is by invitation through an application process. Our team will be reviewing all applications to assure you are a right fit for our community and that we are a right fit for you.

**BONUS – All participants will become eligible for priority access and discounts to future OLA offerings.

Lorene approached me to begin a pilot fitness program at our gym to benefit an organization devoted to assisting low income families with children. Under her leadership and the OLA approach, this program was quite successful seeing the maximum number of participants allowed within the first year! Lorene has an innovative, creative mind and, in my opinion most importantly, a good heart and powerful spirit. – Nathan Brammier, MS, Owner, crossfitadventure.com

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