Holistic Fitness Coaching

The Holistic Fitness Coach

Work One-on-One with the Creative Visionary of OLA Movement
Lorene Clark Lacayo
Move. Connect. Transform. Revolutionize.

Current ‘Fired Up’ Fitness Gurus:

  • Do you have gobs of fitness certifications and complementary trainings under your belt?

  • Are you considered a pro in the fitness industry?

  • Do you feel like you have more to offer the world?

  • Do you want to receive more compensation for your passionate work?

  • Are you a changemaker by nature who is big-hearted and desires whole health for yourself and others?

‘In the Closet’ Fitness Gurus:

  • Have you always thought about leading a fitness group or getting certification but just haven’t done it?

  • Are you the energizer or motivator of physical activity in your circle of friends or community?

  • Could your workplace or community REALLY benefit from group fitness offerings?

  • Do you work with underserved at-risk groups who could benefit from a holistic approach to physical activity?

I would be honored to guide and support you as a new-paradigm fitness leader!  My uniquely designed approach to fitness, combined with my extensive professional coaching expertise and graduate level education, will provide the FRAMEWORK for you to launch truly holistic fitness classes that will make you stand apart from other professionals in the industry. – Lorene Clark Lacayo


The opportunity to work together one-on-one is an exclusive*, limited opportunity and requires a four-session minimum and a six-month maximum commitment (happy to explain why if you ask!).

I would love for you to be part of this groundbreaking work NOW and grab this opportunity…let’s make waves baby!!!

So, if you are interested in working with me, you may request a Complementary Discovery Session (15-20 mins).  Please include why you are interested in Holistic Fitness Coaching work, and anything else about what might have drawn you to OLA Movement (as well as any fun facts…such as your super powers, strangest ever given nickname, weird body tricks, you get the idea!).

Request Discovery SessionAs always, I look forward to working with you in whatever capacity to truly create ripples of health and wellness in the world while making waves in the world of fitness!  Yeeeeeaaaah babay!!

*Within this upcoming year, I will be launching an online course with group coaching calls, as well as more workshops and retreats, absorbing my time away from taking on individual clients.