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Envisioning a More Embodied Existence in the Fitness & Wellness World

Is anyone else sort of glad and relieved to be on the other side of the holiday season and its dark, short days of December?

I know I am! Sigh…

We made it.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Now we are in the season going towards the light of summer…ahhhhh…

Which TOTALLY effects my motivation to move outwards and take action.  It just does.  Naturally.

Please don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the magic of the holiday season and time around the winter solstice.  However, for me, it has always been a season of hibernation, reflection, gratitude, with a bit of festive celebration before stepping freshly into a new season and new year.

Most often, this looks and feels VERY different for me than most rest of the year.  I often sleep and eat a little more while moving my body less (insert quiet gasps and faces of shock!).

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Yep, it’s true, I confess.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

For years, I resisted this natural orientation to go inward and cuddle up and slow down during December, flogging myself for moving less and maybe eating a little more (aka “hibernation” mode and gettin my ‘introvert’ on!).

But you know what?  All those years that I punished myself mentally during the December season, it only worsened the reality.

In other words, the more guilty I felt, the MORE I ate and the LESS I moved my body.  And thus, the vicious cycle would repeat.


Instead, this shift began to take place over the last couple of years where I surrendered to this desire to go inward and slow down…shifting some of my usual commitments to fitness and strict healthy eating to allow space for family and celebration and down-time…

In the surrender I found peace, acceptance, and health.

Most interesting was how I noticed that instead of what might have become months of overeating and complete abandon of regular physical activity, it actually became a healthier version of itself.

My natural inclination to slow down and go inward in December became a time that allowed my body to transition into the colder season, manage the energy of the holiday season with less stress, acknowledge my body’s desire to eat different healthy foods instead of wanting to overeat on the unhealthy ones, and invite sprinkles of physical activity movement in when possible…

Meanwhile, KNOWING and TRUSTING my ever-present inner orientation and commitment to health, wellness, and fitness to reset, resurface, recommit, once this season had passed ultimately SERVING my whole health goals.

Who would have thunk?!


And this isn’t just the case with me, I see this over and over with my coaching clients during the holiday and December season!  The ones who resist and battle guilty thoughts for loosening the reins on their health goals and routines end up digging a deeper hole even more difficult to climb out of later on.

Those that accept the ebb and flow of the season, the mind, body, and spirit transition, honoring the internal Soul cravings and nourishing those, THEY simply step off the usual track for a short time and then are able to get right back on track once on the other side of the transition.

Not to mention, they are the better and MORE HEALTHY for it in the long term.

Yeah, you heard me…nourishing and caring for our natural internal desires and organic instincts can and does impact the external and physical measures of health.


In other words, taking care of our insides makes our outsides more healthy and vibrant (insert giggle!).


Our mission is to find the healthy balance between them both…for the whole health picture of truly being fit and well.

Our bodies can guide us if we listen, just as our mind does. The key is to find ways of being in the world with an alignment of mind, body, and Soul that MOVES our health towards our desired vision.

My vision for us all this year is precisely this — a more embodied existence that cultivates a healthy balance and dance among our workout and exercise routines, self-care, healthy eating, managing stress, etc.

I am envisioning a more embodied existence where listening to our Soul’s voice is the thread that unites each and every wellness goal, each and every action step, for our clients, our fitness and wellness businesses, and our communities.

Cheers to creating ripples of health and wellness around the world in 2015!

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