OLA Movement

We are in the business of Creating Conscious Fitness Tribes and Connecting Wellness Advocates while Transforming Health with an Innovative, Modern Day Movement Revolution.


Get up, move, act… Do. Something.  Actions speak volumes louder than words.  Move your body more.  Create the life you imagine.  Move, lean into your desires, feel them mind, body, and soul.  They will move you.  

Move You Towards Connection 


Reach out, be with others.  You become like those you surround yourself with.  Connect with those who want to feel healthy and vital and empowered.  Connect with those who inspire you.  Connect with your body.  Connect with your truth.  Healthy relationships are a key component of health.

This Connection Will Open Up Potential for Transformation 


Transform the face and space of fitness.  Transform the what, where, and who of community fitness.  Transform your body.  Transform your mind. Connect with your soul.  Allow transformation through the integration of holistic health.  The wave and energy you feel will begin to transform the health of others around you.  

This Wave of Transformation Will Ripple Into a Revolution 


Revolution takes place when enough people MOVE and mobilize through CONNECTION.  Small health changes and movement in individuals have the power to ignite sparks and TRANSFORM their whole health.  This TRANSFORMATION can then create a current and flow of many moving towards health.  REVOLUTION starts with one who believes in the vision of change.  Our world needs a REVOLUTION to redirect us towards health.  REVOLUTIONIZE now, not tomorrow.  

Revolutionize and Move…Step Into the Current and Flow of OLA Movement

Q & A With Founder & Owner
Lorene Clark Lacayo

Why OLA Movement as your business name?

In Spanish, “Ola” means wave and “hola” means hello, along with an artistic nuance similar to “aloha”.  Since I was 18 years old, the ocean and its waves have been my teacher for so many aspects of healthy living.  I feel that the ocean is a great image of the movement and flow we all need as embodied human beings.  A flowing wave represents the physical movement, its ripples represent how one small move can spread endlessly, and the movement represents the potential for transformation, growth, and a wave-sized revolution of health.  I am a big fan of multi-facted meaning in a word -  hello which is a greeting symbolizing the imperative aspect of human connection and relationships for positive health changes, obvious metaphor of the ocean’s waves, and the deeper root of “aloha” beneath it all.

What does O.L.A. stand for?

Yep, everyone asks me this question.  So on another level, this defines the relationship between my daughter and my mother with each letter for each name.  O is my daughter’s initial, L is for myself (Lorene), and A is my mother’s initial.  My deep passion for women’s health and belief that women are centrally connected to making big health changes in our communities and world, is exemplified also in this simply powerful word.  We can’t forget our responsibility to care for our own health as it is connected to our daughters, and their daughters, and so on.

What is the her-story of OLA Movement (aka history)?

Three years ago, I was literally hit by a city bus (a story for later!).  I know, sounds like a thing people say, but I was.  Hit.  By.  A.  Bus.  This halted me in my path and woke me up to the shortcomings of current health promotion models and fitness classes, both for the pros and the students.  

I was forced to stop, take a breath, and listen to my heart.  My heart and body said, “Move More, Talk Less”, aka “walk your friggin talk”. 

Since then, I have been developing and implementing an approach to fitness and physical movement classes with that mantra “Move More and talk less” in the background.  This is an approach that has been proven to increase positive results in mind, body, emotions (and soul).  OLA Movement is the expression and culmination of this always evolving work…as well as my vision to create an innovative approach to group fitness classes that has the potential to change the lives of one million people.  

Truly, because when we come together doing each what we are meant to do in this world and giving that forward, our hearts begin to connect, radiating, transforming, and revolutionizing the health of this world in a more positive way.

But that means we have to move, take action, and be more in our bodies spending less time in our heads.  This is the essence of connecting and transforming towards a health revolution, both for our own self and for the world.

Anything else you would like to say?

I am so grateful for your interest in this work and our vision to create ripples of health and wellness around our planet.  May you be inspired to lean into the wave of movement more and more!

Live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment – Henry David Thoreau