I work with group fitness instructors who want to INSPIRE their participants for life with just one class while they pack the room every time. – Lorene Clark Lacayo

Meet Lorene

Founder, Owner, Operator

For the last twenty-ish years, my heart and vision had me on the track towards starting a non-profit organization because I wanted to help those in need and make a difference in the world. 
My entrepreneurial spirit, multi-passionate character, visionary nature, and love for movement and learning,
all led me on a path that has instead allowed my initial vision to evolve from simply a for-purpose mission to balancing that vision within a for-profit framework.
Since the trajectory of my work shifted from non-profit to for-purpose, the basis of my business then became to help people both make a difference in the world and make money while doing so.  Also, it is part of my own personal practice to “walk my talk” in this way as an authentic business owner. 
Simply stated, I am a big fan of “walking the talk” in general, and more specifically as an approach for health and wellness.
This perspective has honed in on movement and physical activity as the crucial element most often talked about in health prevention but not often sustainably implemented.  
Vice versa, in fitness, it is based upon physical activity and action, and yet often omits holistic and sustainable components that would increase both participation, retention, and positive outcomes for more people.
I have since become crystal clear that the new paradigm of social and conscious business is the ideal way to implement this phase of my vision for community health, and that is why I started my own online-based for-purpose business, OLA Movement.
I believe that physical activity/fitness is the doorway or “gateway drug” for health and wellness.
And I am on a quest to create and connect together a community of conscious fitness pros and changemakers.
My experience over the last 5 years of developing fitness-based classes and programs for a wide variety of student populations gave me insight into:
1) what is missing in 99% of fitness classes limiting their growth and long-term impact upon health, and;
2) innovative ways to bridge the fitness professional with the non-profit agency. 
If you are an aspiring or current fitness instructor, this knowledge and insight will build your fitness class tribe, make you more money, AND open up opportunity for you to make a bigger difference in the world.
My graduate level degree along with years of professional experience in Health Education lends to my perspective of the LIMITLESSNESS OF FITNESS AND MOVEMENT FOR CATAPULTING MASSIVE HEALTH AROUND THE GLOBE.
From my experience it is essential for physical activity groups and movement-based practices to be the bulk of any health driven efforts to create and motivate positive change.
With years of professional experience as a health/wellness coach, educator, and facilitator, I also believe in the co-creative process as an aspect to all my work.  Even the building of my company OLA Movement is intended to call out those who resonate with its mission and be part of making this business truly a movement that revolutionizes the face of fitness and empowers its professionals!
So, here is your call to action, sign up for OLA Emails & Newsletter, join a Wave Starter Session, or support with purchase of an OLA For-Purpose Product.  There is MUCH more coming soon, but in the meantime, I invite the participation, feedback, and support of you who truly want to be part of a community health revolution and make WAVES of change!
with much amor, aloha, & gratitude,


Lorene Clark Lacayo is a social entrepreneur who believes firmly in both for-purpose and for-profit business full of conscious intention.  She is an advocate for changemakers, a creative cultural liaison, and the soul visionary and founder of OLA Movement.  

Lorene is a recently “out of the closet” self-declared goddess, and believes that all women should be also!  She is the firstborn child of a blonde, blue-eyed, extroverted, conservative and a lean, “out of the box thinking”, motorcycle-riding, Vietnam marine.

She is a California native who loves the ocean, the Redwoods, being barefoot, eating mangos with only her hands, Pablo Neruda, car dancing, picking blackberries, and romantically gazing at the passing clouds or moon as a meditation practice.

She is a Gemini who leans into an eclectic, bohemian sort of gypsy life while on a mission to save the world by igniting it with love, truth, and justice. When she’s not “working”, you can find her surfing, hiking, devouring three books at the same time, or simply keeping present to her old-soul indigo child and sidekick of a daughter (aka, barely keeping up with her!).

Lorene has a Master’s degree in Holistic Health Education with Somatic Psychology specialization, and has worked professionally in Human Services for over 15 years in both corporate and non-profit organizations earning her a niche as a holistic community health specialist.  Always having been an avid student of fitness classes, she began teaching group fitness classes about 4 years ago.  She lived some time in Central America and has utilized her Spanish language fluency in all her professional work.  

She is passionate about building community, creating connections, and inspiring health and wellness in the world.

Her professional experience includes wellness, life, and holistic coaching, health education, social services, Zumba fitness instructor, and an expert specialist as a holistic community health consultant.  Other work has included improvisational facilitator of car dancing and frequent family dance parties.  Lorene has also been know to buy lighted disco balls along with a dozen organic free-range eggs at local garage sales.  

While having more than a decade of raising a little being who is her heart walking around outside her body, she has continued to be a lover of life, learning, and flip flops. 

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us. – Marianne Williamson

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