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A little diddy about Letting Go and Catching, well, myself…

This last month of February, well, I had to slow down and let go a bit.

No. Not a bit.


Many of you know that while OLA Movement might be a startup for-purpose business, OLA is so much more than JUST that…as my vision is to truly start up a REVOLUTION in the fitness-wellness worlds.

Yep. A startup revolution (insert smile).

Some of you may also know that I still hold down a corporate “bridge” job right now and that I am a 100% independent mama. I have the blessed opportunity to work and coach many people every month around health and wellness while also working with private clients and running OLA.

However, this last month, I found myself MOVING not enough and TALKING too much with all the symptoms of being off my ‘work-life center’ bubbling up.

In other words, this Conscious Fitness Revolutionary and Holistic Fitness & Soul Coach needed a coach!  I was tapping into my reserves just to muster the energy and heart to continue to show up for my clients and then have something leftover to be present and available for my daughter, let alone making or taking the time for my own health, well-being, and self-care.

Several things all mushed together sapped me from accessing the flow from where all of OLA Movement has been birthed.

Because I have made a commitment to the philosophy and principles beneath OLA, I found myself immediately called to the carpet to just friggin let go.

Let go of my twice monthly newsletter and blog commitment. Let go of taking on that extra client right now. Let go of working on the online training program. Let go of the workshop planning.

Even let go of the cute chicken coop I just bought on craigslist and having backyard chickens right now (I know, riiiiight….EVEN the chickens?!).

Just. Let. Go.      hqdefault

If only just for a moment, a day, a week, or even a month.

I wrestled with this because so many of the voices in my mind were telling me that if I let go of those things then that means I lack integrity for not doing what I say, or that I am a failure (sound familiar?!), or am an “un-well” Wellness Coach (insert giggle), or, even worse, a Holistic Fitness Coach and leader who struggles with her own fitness motivation (enter a ‘telenovela’ gasp!).

And yet, because for most of my life, while I tended to hold on, squeeze, resist what was, sort of that “no pain no gain” mentality, I am now realizing something about ‘letting go’….

Letting go IS movement and motion and action.

Holding on and fighting the current of what IS truly gets me nowhere, it is a trickster of sorts, an illusion of movement while actually trying to go upstream.

I have to BE with what is present in order to get some traction in order to take clear purposeful action.  The paradox of this letting go is that it then created space SO THAT I could move forward in alignment with my Soul and the core of OLA’s purpose.

This sweet surrender and letting go lesson is not unfamiliar territory for me AT ALL (seems I continue to get new opportunities in which to practice it!  who would have thunk?!).

However, within the context of being a social entrepreneur who has a deep calling to make a difference in the world of fitness and community health, it is.

And yet, here I am. Here we are. Still just as committed to the work and calling as before.

As a coach, all of this and more is what I would encourage a client to do. Yet catching myself not following my own advice, my own core beliefs, my own recommendations, I had to take action and let go.

I had to move into STILLNESS so as to find my traction for which actions would be best for me to then slowly move forward again.

IN OTHER WORDS, I know this stuff intellectually, but am just as susceptible, if not more, to losing connection to its visceral application.  Being in the role of a wellness advocate or fitness instructor doesn’t exempt any of us from this reality, but it does call us to a higher standard to WALK THE TALK via truth and vulnerability.

Those of you who have worked directly with me know that I talk a lot about accessing our own “Inner Coach”. Essentially this is our own inner wisdom that I believe we all have within ourselves that can and will guide us towards health and wellness if we learn to trust and listen. In my opinion, the most effective “External Coach” is someone who helps us hear, find, and trust that inner wisdom.

And so, I had to begin to dig deep…while doing daily work where I am in the roles of a coach, a facilitator of physical activity, fitness, and health transformation, mother, and entrepreneuress…dig deep to turn up the volume on my Inner Coach and use the tools I know that support me to do so.

Just as I started to feel the flow of inspiration to MOVE and write the truth of my experience thus far, a dear friend sent me this video that I feel encapsulates so many aspects of my own recent learnings as well as the journey of change many of my clients experience, both those in the fitness-wellness professions and those outside of it.

I love how Kayla’s reality in this story highlights the potential POWER of the coaching relationship, the MAGIC of passion and physical activity, SWEET SURRENDER into what is while accessing the Coach within, and of course, how the key to her success is literally LETTING GO and being VULNERABLE each time after she crosses the finish line.

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness. You can’t get to courage without walking through vulnerability.” -Brene Brown

By letting go and accepting what is, I have been able to lean back towards my desires and really start generating the flame of those desired feelings. Seemingly counter-intuitive, it actually is precisely the only way to truly be able to MOVE more from my truth and TALK less about it (aka getting out of my ‘head’ into embodied living).



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