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4 Ways to Preserve your Passion as a Big-Hearted Fitness-Wellness Changemaker

If you are like me, then you are passionate about health and wellness in our lives, our communities, and around the world.  Some might call this one of our superpowers!  However, the down side (and perhaps even a sort of kryptonite) often means giving A LOT of our energy and time away towards making a difference in the world.  Phew!

This last weekend I put on a local free community event with a family-style Zumba class using the OLA Movement framework just as I had been doing for years…until recently in the last year-ish when I made the leap to build a business and take that work to the next level in order to share with more people.  In making that leap this last year, I decided to take a step away from teaching as many fitness classes and implementing community physical activity programs in order to create time and space to build and start my conscious for-purpose business OLA Movement.

Doing this event last weekend and putting on a Zumba class with a bit of ‘OLA flavor’ really reminded me that we must preserve our passion in this work . . . wellness coaches, fitness pros, health educators, social entrepreneurs, changemakers of any kind in business or non-profits, etc.  

Preservation of our passion is vital to keep us moving forward while expressing our passion through our work so as to make the most difference in the world.

Here are just 4 Core Ways to Preserve the Passion in the work:

1 - THE CORE: Make sure you find time to still do the aspects of the work you enjoy (ya know, the reason you started in the first place!).

The whole reason I started OLA Movement was due to what took place and evolved from the many years of fitness classes I participated in and instructed.  It also stemmed from my many years of working directly with clients as a coach or health educator.  However, this last six months something had to give so that I could focus on the business.  While I still have continued to work as a coach, I have sacrificed teaching any group exercise classes or programs.

Last weekend I was reminded that not only do I love it and it lights me up, but that is truly the essence or core of all the hard work I am doing to build a conscious business.  I need to make time to do more community classes or events because it fires me up to keep on going even amidst the challenging aspects of being an entrepreneur.

What aspect of your world-changing work lights you up and stokes your internal fire?  Don’t lose touch with that, like EVER.  That is at the core of your work and who you are and is as essential as drinking water.

2 - Core Motivations: Go back to the ‘Why’ of your work or business frequently.

Whether it is sharing why you do what you do with someone new, or having a visual or mantra posted in your space that immediately brings you back to your ‘why’ in body and spirit…but SOMETHING to keep you connected to your core motivation and vision.

The ‘why’ is often the aspect of your work that you never get sick of talking about with others.  We are not talking about the day to day nitty gritty, but the larger vision behind and in front of why you choose to keep showing up for this work.

Because it is a choice and by making that choice, we get to exercise our freedom to choose — be pulled from a place of passion and inspiration, or, push and force ourselves to show up out of sheer determination.  One comes from within and feels natural with more ease, whereas the other often feels hard and difficult with less or no enjoyment at all.

Choose to refresh your ‘Why’ frequently and connect down into it (feel it in your Soul), and then as a byproduct you will choose to show up for the work you are meant to do in this world as if feeling drawn towards it naturally.  Voila!

3 - Core Healthy Feelings & Pleasures: Connect with how you want to FEEL (aka “core desired feelings”) and check in regularly with healthy pleasures that make you feel that way.

Cutting edge science of happiness and healthy pleasures looks at the vital component of good feelings for driving action and positive change.  If it feels good and is good for you, then do more of it.  These healthy pleasures that light you up (like leading a Zumba class does for me) are just illuminating what you need to do more often.  Author of The Desire Map, Danielle LaPorte, takes it another step by suggesting that everything we do needs to be in alignment with our core desired feelings.  She says that when this occurs a sort of magic flows into living a life stemmed from passion in all areas of our life, and I have to admit I have found this to be true.

Last weekend, every song and every holistic component I chose to use for the fitness class, I checked in with how do I want to feel while preparing for AND leading the class.


I wanted the whole process to feel fun and joyful for me primarily, knowing and believing that my joy and pleasure would then communicate and invite the same for my participants.  To go about it any other way might technically get the job done, but limits the potential for this work to have its greatest health impact.

From my experience, connecting in with my core healthy feelings all along the process of my work, I mean like every single step of the way, maximizes optimal health both for myself and those I currently work with in hopes to make the greatest difference in the world.

4 - Core Community: Surround yourself with others who have a similar passion, vision, and purpose in their work.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” -Jim Rohn

Lately, several of my health and wellness entrepreneur friends and I have been reminded of this key truth for preserving our passion.  Being a changemaker who is passionate to make the world a healthier place is unique, and for many it is a “calling” to take action and make a career out of it.  Often much of our time is spent with those we serve in our work along with a comfortable social group of friends because we have little time or energy to be intentional with our relationships outside of our work.  At least this is the nature of what we have noticed happens for us, we get caught up doing the work and sort of “settling” for convenient relationships.

However, if we truly want to preserve our passion so that we can sustain doing the work long-term and impact the most people, then taking a good look at the five people we spend the most time with is invaluable! 

Finding and being around like-minded and like-hearted people is essential.

I have recently recommitted to regular scheduled meetings with several people who I admire and share a similar vision and purpose.  Also, I am consciously spending time with people who fire up my passion, good feelings, and remind me of my core motivations.

How might you regularly refresh your core motivations?

What are your healthy pleasures that you can practice regularly?

What connects you with the core of your passion (ie, why you became fitness or wellness pro in the first place)?

With whom do you surround yourself?

If you are an aspiring or current fitness or wellness professional, I invite you join our like-minded and big-hearted conscious community at OLA Movement and stay connected by getting on the email list.  Let us support each other in ways to preserve our passion in our work so as to create ripples of health and wellness in the world!

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