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The World’s First Conscious Fitness Community with a mission to inspire health, happiness, and vitality in hundreds of thousands of people.

The events, trainings, and sessions are places for fitness instructors and wellness advocates to connect with OLA Movement’s niche community of like-minded fitness, health, and movement gurus while also getting specific guidance, coaching, and information on . . . .

How to Grow your Classes, Build your Fitness Tribe, and Make Greater Positive Health Changes in your students and communities . . .

creating ripples of health and wellness in the world!

We work with group fitness instructors to inspire true commitment to health and fitness while they pack the room every time. – Lorene Clark Lacayo, MA, Founder & Owner



Join Us At A Wave Starter Session 

An Innovative, Holistic Fitness Training, Networking, & Mastermind Event

An intensive, co-creative workshop and learning event specifically designed for purpose-driven, big-hearted fitness, health, and human service professionals who want to make money and make a difference in the world. Want to join us?

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The OLA Project & Training Program

8-week Online Holistic Fitness Training Program

A specialty training program specifically designed for aspiring or current fitness-minded pros who want to make money and make a difference in the world. Want to join us?  Offered at an introductory reduced rate as this is a groundbreaking, cutting edge program intended to be a co-creative and complimentary training to any fitness certification.


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